C-Suite Challenge™ 2018: Reinventing the Organization for the Digital Age


This report is one of a suite of knowledge offerings based on responses to the C-Suite Challenge™ 2018 survey, which asked CEOs and C-Suite executives how they intend to meet six core business challenges: Human Capital, Innovation, Operational Excellence, Customer Relationships/Corporate Brand and Reputation, Regulation and Risk, and Sustainability. It also includes responses to special questions on how organizational cultures perceive and support digital transformation, which future leadership skills are needed, and what, in the view of CEOs and C-Suite executives, makes for a truly agile organization.

This year, to provide an enterprise-wide view of the global business environment and to get a closer look at how organizations are approaching the challenges of the digital age, we expanded our survey response pool to include not only CEOs, but key C-Suite functional executives, allowing us to highlight not only alignment between CEOs and the C-Suite but also differences in their world and organizational views.

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