Just What Is the Corporate Director's Job?
The Job Description of a Corporate Director  

At first glance, the answer may seem obvious. But over time, the range of expectations for doing the job well has widened, and the job has become a prism: how it's defined shifts depending on the perspective of the observer. We examine how different stakeholders look at this prism in a series of nine reports based on roundtables with different groups: proxy advisors, directors, investors, hedge funds, academics, Delaware bar, media, corporate secretaries, and regulators. We ask each group to consider how the role of the director has evolved, what the current range of expectations is, and where gaps in understanding have resulted in conflict. Our goals are to provide direction to corporate directors and foster a common understanding among market participants of how to view the job of the corporate director.

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I      - Proxy Advisors                                 

II     - Directors                

III    - West Coast Investors (September 2017)

IV    - East Coast Investors (November 2017)

V     - Hedge Funds (January 2018)               

VI    - Academics (March 2018)                               

VII   - Delaware Bar (June 2018)

VIII  - Media (August 2018)                          

IX   - Corporate Secretaries (November 2018)

X    - Accounting Firms (January 2019)      

XI   - Regulators (TBD)

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Insight Minute: The Job of the Corporate Director
  1. Gary Larkin The Job of the Corporate Director 

Gary Larkin
The Job of the Corporate Director

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