Founded in 1916 by a group of CEOs concerned about the impact of workplace issues on business, The Conference Board was originally located in Boston and moved to New York City four years later. We’ve operated at the intersection of business and society ever since; an objective, independent source of economic and business knowledge with one agenda: to help our member companies understand and deal with the most critical issues of our time.

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14th Annual Women's Leadership Conference
May 01 - 02, 2018 (New York, NY)

24th Annual Leadership Development Conference - San Francisco
June 07 - 08, 2018 (San Francisco, CA)

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Peer Networks

Talent Management Executives Council II
The Council, specifically for heads of talent management, including succession planning, provides an exclusive forum for the best minds to debate current issues and develop new trends. Members value the confidential and trusted network year-round.

Sustainability Council II: Innovation & Growth
This Council will focus is on how you super-please your customers: delivering products, services, and solutions that help customers reduce their footprint.

Internal Communications Council II
The Internal Communications Council II will explore strategies to enable its members to be at the cutting edge of what works today, and what they need to prepare for, as they move forward.

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Global Growth Projections for The Conference Board Global Economic Outlook 2018

This paper presents the methodology for The Conference Board Global Economic Outlook 2018 which includes growth projections for 11 major regions and individual estimates for 33 mature and 36 emerging market economies for 2018–2022, and 2023–2027.

(Economics Program Working Paper Series, November 2017)

Global Economic Outlook 2018 United States: 2018 Will Start with Momentum, But How Long Will It Last?

The US economy is expected to continue its improved growth. In the short term, consumer demand growth will stay strong as the labor market continues to tighten. But expect a less supportive external environment for growth.

(Key Business Issues, November 2017)

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Advancing Women's Leadership
November 20, 2017 11:00 AM ET [11:00] (New York), 04:00 PM UTC [16:00]

Women now earn more degrees than men and make up half the workforce.Despite their economic and educational punch, women hold far fewer leadership positions than men.This webcast will cover solutions for placing more women at the top company echelons. HRCI, SHRM, and CPE credit available.

Window on Immigration
November 22, 2017 11:00 AM ET [11:00] (New York), 04:00 PM UTC [16:00]

Immigrants will play an increasingly important role in helping jobs fill critical vacancies as native-born work force growth slows in mature economies. This webcast examines opportunities and barriers to hiring more foreign-born workers within your organization. HRCI, SHRM, and CPE credit available

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Measurement Lessons Learned from Cisco, Southwest, and Exeter Hospital
Last month, Paine Publishing hosted the Summit on the Future of Communications Measurement. Here, we present three case studies from the summit that highlight the three major themes that ran through every conversation. (Society for New Communications Research Blog, November 2017)

For Funders and Nonprofits: Excellent Nonprofit Management is Mission Critical
Nonprofit missions help us rally around various societal challenges. However, while nonprofit missions garner attention from funders, the management of the organization is where attention is critical. The challenge is that some funders may make their funding decisions based on nonprofit missions and nonprofits may direct more of their attention to mission rather than management. (Giving Thoughts Blog, November 2017)

On Governance: CEO Pay Ratio Planning: 10 Consensuses from Thought Leading Companies
Based on conversations with about 20 thought-leading companies, here are 10 consensuses on how leading companies are planning to comply with the new CEO pay ratio rules in 2018. (The Governance Center Blog, November 2017)

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